Digital Dentistry


For ages now, dentistry has involved the expensive use of materials and procedures which are prone to errors, even the most meticulously carried out procedure has a scope of error that is beyond control. Like all the other fields of science, the use of computers and Ai have benefited in getting the work done with utmost precision. At Kosmos, we have adopted the digital way of providing care for our patients. We have all the latest technologies which make your dental treatment pain-free, less time taking, comfortable and affordable.

The various aspects in KOSMO dental clinic where we make use of digital technologies are

Advantages of Using Digital Technologies at Kosmo


A contrast between Digital and Conventional dentistry:

Under no circumstances a prosthesis is advised which has a deleterious effect or is substandard, the different crown materials exist only to improve the strength and esthetics more than the other. The principles and fundamentals used to prepare and restore the teeth with crowns are essentially the same for all the different materials. The only superiority is the improved look of the crown and enhanced strength.

The following are the different crowns available at Kosmos and contrast of how they are different from the other.



Using Digital dentistry

Patient management

●    Paper records are difficult to manage.

●    Paper records are susceptible to forgery

●    Paper records are difficult to duplicate or share if required

●    It is difficult to manually assign appointments to patient and set reminders

●    Easy access to data when stored on cloud servers

●    Less chances of falsification thus improved medico legal jurisprudence

●    Since the system reminds us about your appointments we are more efficient in providing the personal touch required for our patient

Impression making

Use of conventional materials may incorporate errors such as

●    Drags

●    Bubbles

●    Double impression

●    Voids

Pouring defects like

●    Expansion,

●    Surface erosion

●    Loss of detailing

Patient Discomfort

●    Gag reflex

●    Longer impression time in case of multiple implants

●    Soft tissue covering implants

●    Difficult in recording deeply placed implants


●    Time tested

●    Precise

●    Less time taking

●    No patient discomfort

●    Better suited for implant based prosthesis

●    No material with used which have tendency to change dimensions

●    Better hygiene and asepsis maintained

Prosthesis Designing

& Manufacturing

●    Conventional methods gives scope to inaccuracies, casting defects

●    Multiple readjustments

●    Polymerization shrinkage

●    Frequent polishing and finishing

●    Difficult to retrace steps

●    Modification in design is much easier than on finished prosthesis

●    3-Dimensional assessment is possible

●    AI helps in better designing.

Implant Stent and guide

●    Planning helps in placing the implant in better position

●    Free hand placement requires high set of skills and still has scope of error

●    Planning is not executable unless guides are used

●    Implants can be planned using AI in Implant planning softwares

●    Predictable and controlled outcome

●    Useful in complicated and compromised cases

●    Less chances of human error

Why Digital Technologies have an upper hand during COVID Period:

  • Easy to Sterilize and Disinfect
  • Less contact with any surfaces
  • Models are absent and so there is no contact and less chances of spread of infections
  • No requirement of multiple pickups and drops from laboratory, all communication are digital
  • Less chairside time
Implant Dentistry

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