A missing tooth is not just a functional problem but also a psychological disability, we know how low one feels on the loss of your precious teeth. The questions we come across while solving these problems are how many times do we have to come? How long will the treatment take? Can you do it early/today? I don’t want to look like this for long! Well newer technologies help us in solving this problem swiftly without wasting your precious time and letting this dent your psyche

“We take up the challenge of fixing up your lost tooth within a day, along with

the battalion of superspecialists we work on war footing to swiftly

deliver the best treatment”

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Our tooth in a day programme aims at identifying and customizing plan to replace your tooth the same day of your first visit, our inhouse team of prosthetic dentists are well armed with the skills of addressing these problems with no inconvenience to the patient

The Advanced option available in hand at Kosmos dental makes this look like a stroke of magical brush.

The procedure involves, diagnosing and preparing a treatment plan for the patient, ones the tooth to be prepared or the implant which requires crowns are identified, we prepare the tooth using the home developed highly effective single bur technique and record the impression using the Intra-oral scanners available. The Artificial Intelligence assisted CAD-CAM software helps in designing the restoration and is sent to the laboratory where it is manufactured the same day by milling machines. The patient is fitted with final crowns the same day.

How to we Process




Tooth Proparation


Digital ImPresion



Design the Restroraton and Manufact uring



Fixing the Prosthesis

Implant Dentistry

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